RESTjee™ software provides a shortcut for defining REST APIs that give mobile and remote apps, websites and enterprise applications simple yet secure access to virtually any data store. With a RESTjee API, HTTP client apps can access and manipulate any JDBC-compliant data source — regardless of programming language — without server-side code. RESTjee APIs can be configured and deployed onto any JEE servlet container in minutes by anyone with a basic knowledge of the data schema. And thanks to JDBC protections, it unlocks your data without any risk of SQL injection.

Apache ActiveMQ Monitor
An enterprise class monitoring system for ActiveMQ.
Apache ActiveMQ5 Reference Guide v2.0
An ActiveMQ Reference Guide to help you get started with ActiveMQ.
Apache ActiveMQ LDAP & JDBC Security Plugin
Dynamically reconfigurable ActiveMQ security plugins.
Foundation Guide for ActiveMQ
An introduction to messaging and ActiveMQ.
Remote access to data sources via J2EE web service.