ActiveMQ Monitor (AMon) Installation Instructions

  1. Download the AMon zip (Windows) or gzip (Unix/Linux) archive file and copy it to the target ActiveMQ machine.
  2. Extract the files from the archive file into the ACTIVEMQ_HOME directory. This will place files into the conf, docs, lib/optional, and example subdirectories.
  3. On Unix/Linux:

    • gunzip /path/to/amon-2.0.0.tar.gz
    • tar xvf /path/to/amon-2.0.0.tar

  4. Obtain a permanent lifetime license and place the file in the ACTIVEMQ_HOME/conf directory. If you are running an embedded broker (i.e., your application and broker are running within the same VM), make sure to place the license file in the broker's classpath.
  5. Read the ACTIVEMQ_HOME/docs/AmonUserGuide.pdf and see the ACTIVEMQ_HOME/example/monlets/README.TXT file for instructions on deploying the example Monlets. Or, after you have developed one or more of your own Monlets, place the jar file(s) that contain your Monlet class files into the ACTIVEMQ_HOME/lib/optional directory.
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