The Ultimate Shortcut to Remote Data Access APIs

Building a mobile app for your supply chain? Need to feed a web app from lots of different data stores? The proliferation of web-driven applications is pressuring developers to provide quick, efficient and secure access to valuable data living in a wide spectrum of database systems.

RESTjee™ software enables you to quickly define and deploy secure REST APIs that allow web-based apps to read from and write to almost any data store. For example, they can provide access to a database being hosted by MySQL and, at the same time, ones being hosted by Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL. So web app developers get a simple, database-agnostic URL mapped to the information they need.

Simple to configure. Easy to deploy. Secure to implement.

RESTjee greatly accelerates and simplifies the API creation process. There is no need to write any server-side code. No need for any special client-side libraries. And no need to implement a heavy server-side framework such as Hibernate or Jersey. Instead, RESTjee provides a super lightweight persistence and REST framework that eliminates all the server-side bloat. It’s secure, too. There is no danger of hacks like SQL injection due to the use of JDBC safeguards that prevent such attacks.

More flexibility with more data stores.

RESTjee gives you more flexibility than other API engines. Whereas others work within a controlled environment with specific databases, RESTjee lets you “front end” virtually any data store — major DBMS, popular web app back-end, even Excel spreadsheet — without license restriction.

Built on open standards.

Because RESTjee builds on industry standards like JEE, HTTP, JDBC, and JSON, you won’t be locked into an expensive and complex proprietary system. But you’ll get the world-class documentation and support that we’ve honed through 15 years of working with Fortune 100 companies.

Advantages At a Glance

  • Configure APIs in minutes
  • Access multiple data stores from a single instance
  • No server-side coding
  • No proprietary libraries
  • No heavy persistence framework
  • No imposed data store restrictions

Surround your data
with JSON

RESTjee effectively places a JSON veneer around virtually any data store. Why is that good? Because JSON is human-readable, very easy to parse, self-describing, useful for data-interchange, and widely supported.

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