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Your time to market is critical. Your marketshare will be influenced by how fast you can get your products to the market with higher scalability and reliability than your competitors.

You already know that middleware provides the scalability and robustness you need.

TTM understands the need to meet your requirements equitably and effectively the first time, as we work with your sales team. TTM focuses on the relationship, and offers a variety of options for acquiring our solutions and services.

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TTM can help you quickly define the requirements and move forward with Java, Linux, C, COBOL, UNIX and a variety of Middleware solutions and developments. We specialize in large scale and robust transactional and messaging technologies. TTM's common sense and experienced approach can assist you to optimize your transition project from "legacy only" towards a Standards based "leading edge" co-existence or migration.

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Are You a Software Vendor or OEM?

By embedding our technology, you do not have to worry about handling the development team and support, along with the intricacies and complexity of load balancing, XA support, database multiplexing, etc. TTM knows that the proven technologies cannot be replaced by the fashionable technologies, it is a matter of interoperation and co-existence.

A typical example would be a software vendor that relies on processing transactions, such as payments or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. Instead of a build versus buy equation, customers are finding the move to Open Source technologies such as Apache ActiveMQ compelling.

By utilizing proven Open Standards compliant technology, which is already deployed many of the largest companies worldwide, you can focus your resources on the needs of your business - not sinking your investment into the development of an application built on yet another proprietary Middleware technology.

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Whether you are a company seeking assistance from TTM or a software vendor, we can help! Please fill out the form below and a representative will be in contact with you soon.

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