TTM provides software, support and enhancement solutions for OEM's and customers where Message Oriented Middleware is mission critical.

TTM's deep technical expertise and experience with enterprise class Middleware enables customers and partners to confidently depend on solutions based on Apache ActiveMQ, TOP END and other Middleware. TTM also helps you integrate your existing Middleware investments into the Web environment with consulting services and tools including CtO-JExpress, CtO-JNet and CtO-JBean.

We enable rapid Web migration by providing native Java and EJB adapters for existing systems. Additionally, we provide monitoring software that allows you to maximize your IT investment.

Apache ActiveMQ
Apache ActiveMQ is supported and enhanced by TTM, and tailored to fit your corporate SOA requirements.

Personalized Apache ActiveMQ consulting, support, documentation and training services from TTM enables you to add significant value without having to grow your own development and product group. more »

TTM's Active Monitor, or AMon for short, is an enterprise-class monitoring system that is specifically designed for the Apache ActiveMQ message broker. AMon comprises two primary modules: Monlet Framework and SNMP Agent. more »

CtO-JExpressCtO-JExpress is the next generation Java-to-TOP END interface that gives TOP END users optimum flexibility and performance. Users can utilize CtO-JExpress to integrate newer technologies or as a migration tool for the future with minimum disruption to the existing TOP END infrastructure. more »

CtO-JNetCan CtO-JNet solve your business problem? CtO-JNet is a server based, software add-on to TOP END® that provides a native, multi-threaded Java interface to existing TOP END® systems. more »

CtO-JBeanCtO-JBean is a bridge between EJB's and TOP END® (CtO-JBean for TOP END) and Tuxedo® (CtO-JBean for Tuxedo). more »

TOP END® Middleware
TOP END® MiddlewareSome of the most prestigious organizations in the world continue to rely on the world-class scalability and quality of TOP END. As a TOP END Master Distributor, TTM developed and continues to provide best-of-class binary and source code level support for the world's largest TOP END users. more »

Apache ActiveMQ Monitor
An enterprise class monitoring system for ActiveMQ.
Apache ActiveMQ5 Reference Guide v2.0
An ActiveMQ Reference Guide to help you get started with ActiveMQ.
Apache ActiveMQ LDAP & JDBC Security Plugin
Dynamically reconfigurable ActiveMQ security plugins.
Foundation Guide for ActiveMQ
An introduction to messaging and ActiveMQ.
Remote access to data sources via J2EE web service.